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Pre Puppy Class - First Day

Posted on in Obedience

Today we went to Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club for pre puppy class. The class is for all puppies that have not had all their immunizations so they can be well socialized with other puppies. Typically the puppies are between 10-14 weeks old, but the great thing I found was they had older dogs there also, so there were all different shapes and sizes.

To start with Java was apprehensive and didn’t really want to play with any of the other puppies. She just sat in a corner of the room for a while (not long only 5 minutes or so) and then she was off exploring. The first stop was the office. The pigs ears and liver treats were too much for her to resist! Forget the other puppies she has found gold! Mark kept running after her and bringing her back to the circle of pups but she would just pick herself up and walk right back to the GOLD ROOM! In the end Sue closed the door so she wouldn’t be tempted any longer.

It took her around 30 minutes to get a bit more comfortable with the other pups and larger dogs in the room. There was an Australian bull dog called Slug , a Cavalier called Buddy, Vince the Samoyed and some other breeds that I really couldn’t work out what they were!


Java was milling around playing with the toys and the finally met Vince, the Samoyed. Vince had been to class for a few weeks but was still scared of all the other dogs. But it was like magic! They played and threw each other on the ground for a good 30 minutes! I am sure Java thought Vince was a big white sheep, she rounded him up and kept biting Vince on the rear end; I just smiled and kept it to myself! She has so much energy, and kept motoring through the 2 hours we were there!

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