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First Prize!

Posted on in Obedience

Today we went to the Moorabbin Dog Obedience Club's first  Fun Day for the year.

I had entered Sasha in CCD and Java is in Pink1 level.

Sasha worked really well. We havent been to many classes this year so i was not really happy with her performance. Me on the other hand.. i kept talking to her, thats a no no... and i just cant walk straight (no suprises there!)

Java on the other hand i had a few issues with. Typically when i train with Java there is a lot of Luring involved. Food in hand and off we go. If she stays in position she knows there will be a treat coming out of that hand she has been focusing on for the past few steps. In the ring there was no food allowed.

I could see as we kept going through the exercises she was getting crancky... no FOOD! Thankfully she waited until the last exercise to totally shutdown.. yes it was the return to heal! She wasnt going to do it at all.

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She has gone AWOL!!

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What a peaceful day... it was 4pm my day was almost over, i was itching to get home.

The phone rings... blocked number. Typically i just let it go to message bank but today for some reason i answer the phone.



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PepperTree Park

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The weather started off looking very ominous. It wasn’t just raining, it was flogging down!

I got the dogs ready in the car and paused… was it really worth an hour trip in the rain? The thought of staying inside with Sasha and Java horrified me! We had to go! Started the engine and we were off!

I couldn’t see more than a few meters in front due to the heavy rain. The window wipers were on full speed, but it didn’t seem to help much. As I approached the West Gate Bridge the sun poked out of the clouds! Goodbye Melbourne! Keep your crappy weather we are off to Bacchus Marsh!

We were off to catch-up with the Herding Crowd at Pepper Tree Park. Most of us met at Diggers Herding or Driving Force working sheep dog club, so there were a lot of working dogs. Border Collies and Kelpies, not to forget to mention Greyhounds, and one labrador.

It was great catching up with everyone, I haven’t seen some of the crowd for almost 12 months. We invaded Pepper Tree Park there were 10 of us with 18 dogs.

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Teesdale Herding

Posted on in Herding

Today Java and I went down to Glenn and Dee’s place in Teesdale to have another herding lesson.

It was the first time i went to Teesdale, what a beautiful place it was!

It was a special day for Ollie who had his first Herding lesson today.

He is a Vern Sullivan tri-colour border owned by Melissa, who I have met at Norton’s Park. He is just a beautiful looking boy. He took to the sheep like a duck to water (I really must stop with the idioms and phrases!) He worked beautifully with Glenn, he was really calm and totally focused on the sheep. Its great to see dogs doing what they were bred for.

Java and I are now working on balancing. Getting Java to work around the sheep so she is always opposite me balancing the sheep.

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Here comes Java!

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Well it seemed like it took for ever but i picked Java up from Broadford on Monday!

Jaz from Hillcrest WorkingDogs looked after her over night and she was totally relaxed and full of beans, she had another pup with her from the Minnie litter and also beautiful Charm who was another Bauers Border Collie pup from Lucy. So Java had another 1 1/2 hour trip, to do until we got back to Glen Waverley. The good thing.. she doesnt get car sick! (yet!)

She was so full of energy when we got home and really confident which is fantastic! She strutted around like she owned the place. Mark and her played for most of the afternoon and then Robyn, Jacko, Morgan and Logan came over. It was great to see how excited she was to play with the kids, again really confident and just wanted to play ... however, she was a little rough with those pin sharp teeth! :-)

We had been working on her dog run during the week so she can sleep in the laundry and has a dog door going outside into her run. The first night it was getting a little late and i thought i would introduce her to the dog door quickly, not really expecting her to use it. When i woke up in the morning i was waiting for a disaster... (oh did i mention her record is peeing 5 times and one poop in 15 minutes? How the hell can you keep up wiht that?) i looked around and nothing! Perhaps all the accidents we had in the house was all she had left? I went outside to put her on the lawn only to find that she had indeed figured out how to use the doggie door! Unbelievable! I was so happy i didnt wake up to a mess inside!

Tuesday we played all day. I put Java on a lead and took her out the front yard so she could get used to a lead and check out the surroundings. She was so intreged by the cars. Bit scared but after around 20min she was feeling quiet ok with the whole thing. Then i had a visitor come. I put Java back in her run and sat and had a coffee and a chat. Then there was a knock at the door. I thought it was a sales man so hesitated to answer it. Thank god i did.

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