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Time for sheep

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I’ve been trying for weeks to get Java out to look at sheep but there has always been an excuse, the main one is fixing fences to try and keep her in for the week. But today we finally went to Driving Force Working Sheepdog Club at Freshwater Creek to show Java sheep for the first time.

I decided to leave Sasha at home much to her disappointment. Nothing worse than driving out the driveway and having her wide eyes staring in disbelief that I forgot to take her again!! But she was with mum & dad and i was sure she would be spoit badly, which makes you feel a little better

Freshwater Creek is around 1 ½ hour drive from home. We stopped a few times but it didn’t stop the car sickness. As soon as I opened the crate I realized Java is still suffering badly from car motion sickness.. There goes breakfast!

It was great to be back in the paddock, it had certainly been a while! The last time I was here was in February with Sasha. Java found an instant friend with Hannah’s new 10 week old Kelpie pup Thisbe. They played for a while and then it was our turn to hit the paddock.

Glenn and Dee were great. They explained to me that we would just let Java in and see what she does, there was no pressure and if she wasn’t interested it was all OK, we were just there to turn on the light bulb and get her keen. We had around 100 sheep in the paddock.

We walked up to the sheep, Java seemed more excited about the sheep droppings than the sheep, as we got closer and she started looking at the sheep we said “Look”. It was time…. I let her off the lead and she was off! It’s amazing to see raw instinct kicks in. she was a little hesitant at first but then everything came together and she actually started herding the flock of sheep! I couldn’t believe it! I remember the first time I took Sasha herding, she was much older around 2 years old and in a round yard with around 4 sheep; but she really wasn’t that interested at all the first time, she just wanted to play with the rake! Then I wrecked her in the first 30min…. enough about that… this is the second time around and the words from Peta rang in my head “just don’t push Java”. There was no need to push! In my eyes she was FANTASTIC!

We went in 3 times that day so get Java interested and it was great! Now that she has seen sheep I can’t wait for our first lesson!


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