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She has gone AWOL!!

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What a peaceful day... it was 4pm my day was almost over, i was itching to get home.

The phone rings... blocked number. Typically i just let it go to message bank but today for some reason i answer the phone.




Ok i freaked out! Notice i didnt even have to ask which dog! I KNEW! JAVA!

I raced home thinking of all the things that could have happened to her!

As i got around the corner i saw the ranger with Java on a lead. I parked the car and rushed over.

He looked at Java who just sat there... Nothing! No excitement to see me... just blank... now the embarrising part...

"can i get some sort of Identification from you"

I couldnt believe it! He didnt think it was my dog!!!!!

What more can i say?! :-/


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